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30A Speaker Protection Schematic and PCB

DIY Electronic circuit today,I take the 30A speaker protection circuit .
This circuit has two relay for switch function connect before speaker input signal.

circuit function is recieved AC signal pass to capacitor for current smoothly then the diode bridge will full wave for convert to DC power before supply to transistor 2N3904 that is current checker and switch to drive BD139
transistor for drive these relay.
You does not worry to build this project as we have completely schematic and PCB that can copy to make the real PCB.

Electronic Parts List

Transistor : 2N3904 2 pcs.
Transistor : BD139 1 pcs.
Capacitor : 100uF / 30 V 2 pcs.
Capacitor : 220uF / 30 V 2 pcs.
Diode : 1N4001 2 pcs.
Diode : 1N1418 4 pcs.
LED 1 pcs.
Resistor : 47K 3 pcs.
Resistor : 1K 1 pcs.Resistor : 10K 1 pcs.
Resistor : 100 ohm 1 pcs.
Resistor : 47K 3 pcs.
Resistor : 150K 3 pcs.
Relay 12VDC/30A 2 pcs.

30A speaker protection circuit

30A Speaker Protection PCB

30A Speaker Protection PCB Top Site


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